Auxiliary            :    May

Uses                   : 1. polite request

                             2. formal fermission

Present / future  : 1. The campaigns of jokowi and hidayat, may really threaten fauzi’s reelection bid.

                             2. south korea’s smartphones and cars may have won global acceptance, but Koreans are increasingly disturbed by the influence the chaebol have over their lives.


Auxiliary           :     might

Uses                   : 1. Less than 50% certainty

                             2. polite request

Present / future  : 1.

                             2. pamudji added that the company might propose that the finance ministry disburse the fiscal energy risk budget to cover PLN’s debts.


Auxiliary           :     should

Uses                   : 1. advisability

                             2. 90% certainty

Present / future  : 1. Alexander should have been charged under a joint regulation promulgated.

                             2. other asian countries should do the same to achieve sound and susutainable development, delegates were told at the conference.


Auxiliary           :     ought to

Uses                   : 1. advisability

                             2. 90% certainty

Present / future  : 1. I ought to shoping today

                             2. he ought to do well on the test.


Auxiliary            :     had better

Uses                   :     advisability with threat of bad result

Present / future  :      we had better be on time, or I will leave without you.


Auxiliary            :     be supposed

Uses                   :     expectation

Present / future  :     school is supposed to begin at tomorrow


Auxiliary            :     be to

Uses                   :      strong expectation

Present / future  :      appeared to be a very dfferent breed from the Korean students or those who took part in the demonstrations that ultimately brought down soeharto in 1998.


Auxiliary           :     must

Uses                   : 1. Strong necessity

                             2. 95% certainty

Present / future  : 1. The administration must be built solidly,”he said.

                             2. Confucius said that we must respect the government and they must protect us, “says marreiros, one of macao’s most prolific


Auxiliary           :     have to

Uses                   : 1. necessity

                             2. lack of necessity

Present / future  : 1. We have to apply to the finance ministry with sufficient reasoning to obtain disbursement for our debt payment, “he said.

                             2. we don’t have to buy motorcycle.


Auxiliary           :     have got to

Uses                   :     necessity

Present / future  :     we have got to go the opening ceremony of the boao forum for asia annual conference 2012 on southern Chinese island


Auxiliary           :     will

Uses                   : 1. 100% certainty

                             2. polite request

Present / future  : 1. PLN’s total debt in 2012 will be around Rp 18 trillion, accordin to a recent by pamudji.

                             2. US compliance throught barring sales of menthol cigarettes will affect its local cigarette makers.


Auxiliary           :     be going to

Uses                   : 1. 100% certainty

                             2. definite plan

Present / future  : 1. No one is going to escape it

                             2. dramatic things are going to take place in the region in the next 20 years as there will be roughly 2.5 billion more people belonging to the middle class accros china, india, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and beyond.


Auxiliary           :     can

Uses                   : 1. Ability / possibility

                             2. informal permission

Present / future  : 1. Indonesia can impose retaliatory duties on US exports to an amount similias to the value it has lost due to the ban.

                             2. the BDV is a 1,200-squaremeter facility that developers can use in creating their applications.


Auxiliary           :     could

Uses                   : 1. impossibility

                             2. lese than 50% certainty

Present / future  : 1.if a Chinese walked by annarts poster, he couldn’t relate to it.

                             2. if you are really lucky, you could be one of the tens of thousands of graduates hired each year by the family-run conglomerates.


Auxiliary           :     be able to

Uses                   :     ability

Present / future  :     the joint prayer was initiated by the aceh police in the hope that all candidates will be able to restrain their supporters from violence so that the alection can take place peacefully and clashes among supporters can be minimized.


Auxiliary           :     would

Uses                   : 1. Polite request

                             2. preference

Present / future  : 1. Saying that indonesia’s winning the case would be important not only for Indonesia, but also other countries in terms of respecting the institution’s rulling. The government would continue in its commitment to international agreements under the wto.

                             2. to ensure that the ongoing process in Myanmar would be come irreversible


Auxiliary           :     used to

Uses                   :

Present / future  :  


Auxiliary           :     shall

Uses                   : 1. Polite request to make a suggestion

                             2. future with “I” or “we” as subject

Present / future  : 1. Ahall we open the door

                             2. we shall arrive at nine.



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